Revisiting Dune: Table of Contents

Over the coming months, I will post a series of essays as I reflect on the broader themes of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels and re/read them (starting with Children of Dune). This page consists of a table of contents for the series. As I post new essays, I will return to fill in links as needed. I encourage comments engaging in dialogue, critique, or debate on any of the posts; my hope is to provide a space for fruitful discussion.

Prior Essay on Dune & “White Saviors”: Dune’s Not a White Savior Narrative. But It’s Complicated.

Introduction to the Essay Series: Revisiting Dune & Its Saviors: On the Thoughts to Come

Thought Pieces:

  1. The Muslimness of Dune: Beyond Terms & Deep Cuts — Closely Reading “The Religion of Dune” [forthcoming]

Reading Journal — Children of Dune:

  1. Reading Children of Dune, Entry 1: Qur’anic Passages; Race & Fremen Customs; Tradition & Change (pp. 1–29)
  2. Reading Children of Dune, Entry 2: Law & Modernity; Biblical Beasts & Jacurutu Origins; Herbert, Republican? (pp. 29–66)
  3. Reading Children of Dune, Entry 3: Osiris, Drunk Sufism, & the Alam al-Mythal; Sophisticated Primitivity; Fremen Rebels (pp. 67–91)

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